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Personal stylist, Marianne Nairn, lives and breathes fashion. It’s her happy place. She loves nothing more than sharing that joy with others by helping them discover and embrace their own unique sense of style.

Whether you’re stuck in a style rut, have a wardrobe full of clothes but ‘nothing to wear’, or just fancy a whole new look, Marianne is your girl.

With her fun, positive and refreshingly honest approach, she’ll help you find the perfect pieces to suit your body shape, colouring and personality. All you have to do is relax, ‘try on’ and enjoy the ride!

Marianne will not only help you look fabulous, but feel incredible too. Because when something is worn with confidence, you’ll always rock it.

“Marianne is an incredible stylist. I would thoroughly recommend that everyone uses Styled by M…”

I had a 4-hour Auckland shopping day with Marianne, she was incredibly efficient and had already picked out pieces that she thought was suitable. The amount of research and effort she put in prior meant she was truly exceptional, cost effective, and efficient. She knows every shop inside and out. She is intelligent, witty, and refreshingly honest. Being only 20, she ensured that what I was wearing was age-appropriate and equipped me with skills and staple pieces to ensure that I would be able to create my own outfits in the future. Marianne brings the joy into shopping! I just cannot recommend her enough! Styled by M is an investment into yourself that you will have for life! If you are considering to book a consultation, my advice to you, is just DO IT! You will have a blast and it will pay off in both your professional and personal life.

Alexia Hilbertidou

"I spent an afternoon with Marianne and, after throwing out lots of clothes that just didn't work, I now have more combinations than before. It was a great investment."


When my husband came home he said “wow, I love that look, you look 10 years younger.”


"I really enjoyed working with you and you have given me the confidence boost I needed to feel more comfortable in my clothes."



Style Profiling

This is the first step to discovering your personal style. Marianne will work with you to determine your body shape, colours, your style personality and much more! She’ll get to know you and your individual needs so she can tailor your style to fit your lifestyle.

Wardrobe Audit

Is your wardrobe filled with clothes that don’t fit or don’t excite you?

Marianne will give you tips and advice on different ways to wear your existing clothes and accessories – putting pieces together in a way you'd never thought to do. She will help you take your wardrobe from boring to brilliant!

One-On-One Shopping

The fun part! Marianne takes all the hassle out of shopping. She will manage the entire process, from pulling the clothes for you to try on, to offering her honest advice and opinions. She will also talk with the sales staff and negotiate the best prices for you.

Shopping Escapes

Let’s explore Auckland or Wellington! Marianne knows each city’s fashion scene inside out.

Before you leave, she will do her research and plan what stores you’ll visit and even what you’ll try on. But don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of time to try that fabulous red coat you just spotted in the window!

These private shopping trips for up to 4 people can be customised to suit your tastes and needs. Each person will enjoy a 2-hour individual shopping session with Marianne, along with group shopping and entertainment.

For more details or an example itinerary, contact Marianne now.


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If you’re ready to discover your personal style and live with confidence every day, now’s the time to do it.

Get in touch with Marianne for a chat about how she can help you. There’s no obligation and she’d love to hear from you.